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"The Luxury Vitalizer convinced me from the very first second. As a former professional sportswoman, I know how important regeneration is and what it takes to achieve maximum performance. For me as an athlete it was important to always go to my limits, now in my "new" life as a coach this has not changed. The motto "Go the extra mile" is still what I strive for every day. The Vitalizer Luxury is the perfect addition for me, so that body and mind are able to call up best performances, whether as a sportsman, in business life or as a private person. Our everyday life is more and more marked by pressure, stress and high expectations, so it is all the more important to take a short break so that you can recharge your batteries and then walk the'extra mile' again."

Fabienne In-Albon

Coach & Golf Professional,

Vitalizer Luxury Ambassador

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