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"Vitalizer Luxury is the best innovation since the invention of massage."

Dr. Christian Larsen
Medical Advisor, Product Development

People nowadays are demanding new concepts to help them cope with everyday stress and to make up for missing opportunities to revitalize.

This was the main incentive to develop our product line.

In close cooperation with a team of doctors, researchers, and technicians, Vitalizer Luxury was developed as a healthcare product that delivers positive results for the long term.


Spiraldynamik® is a partner of Vitalizer International AG.

The human body is a stroke of a genius in evolution. Researchers are busy deciphering its many mysteries. We now know what postures and movements are anatomically intelligent and which are not.
Spiraldynamik® is like a user's manual for your own body, from your head to your toes.

Stress is the #1 topic in these times. It affects nearly everyone. The stress hormones adrenaline and cortisol are released into the body throughout the day and prevent us from getting the recovery and revitalization we need at night. This is where Vitalizer comes in, offering relaxation with the touch of a button.



"I can recommend Vitalizer Luxury to everyone."

Carlos Lima


Handballer, International Champion, German Champion, Spanish Champion, Swiss Champion, Laureus Ambassador.

Top athletes usually train for several hours a day. As in the workplace, they frequently push their limits too far, resulting in fatigue and drop in performance.

Vitalizer Luxury is the ideal relaxation solution for faster revitalization.

During its development, care was taken to ensure that Vitalizer Luxury meets the revitalization needs of both top athletes as well as other hard-working professionals. 

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