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Vitalizer International AG creates solutions to increase the quality of people's lives by preventing, alleviating, and treating problems that come with the stresses of today's world.

Modern lifestyle makes it difficult for people to find peace and quiet. The tension and strain on body and mind are triggered by various factors. If this stress becomes a permanent condition, physical and psychological stress can become noticeable.


Headache, back pain, heavy legs, tension, stomach and intestinal problems, sleep problems and restlessness can be typical symptoms. Therefore, it is important to break out of the daily routine and take breaks. Used regularly, a massage chair can help you to prevent and alleviate these symptoms. The effects of an already running therapy can be intensified. Regular recovery and regeneration is followed by lasting calmness and, last but not least, a healthy sleep. 

We regard health as our most valuable asset and the most important basis for a good life.

As a company, we focus on finding sustainable solutions that are socially and ethically responsible.


Our location in Zug is centrally located and is easy to reach.

Contact one of our retailers in your region for a product presentation.

If desired, we deliver to the location of your choice with our own delivery service. 

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